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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn't answered here, please look at our other boating holiday FAQs page, or email using our contact form, or ring 01422 832712 and we'll be glad to help.

Q: Where will we get to?
A: It's free and easy. We give you some ideas, and you choose. You can make a definite plan, or see how you go, just as you like.

Q: Can we turn round easily?
A: Yes. There are special turning points every mile or two, which are marked in the map we provide. The actual process of making the turn is staightforward.

Q: Can we bring our pet?
A: Of course. Dogs (and other animals) usually love boating holidays - lots of company, and walks. The first pet is free, extra pets £25 per week or part week.

Q: Do we need a licence, or experience?
A: No. Our boats are designed to be easy to handle, and we give careful and thorough instruction so you can relax and enjoy your holiday.

Q: Are there plenty of pubs?
A: Yes there are, and they'll give you a proper Yorkshire welcome. Many also do excellent, good value food. There are also lots of restaurants, takeaways, shops and markets.

Q: Will the children enjoy it?
A: You can say that again! Children love helping with the locks, discovering new places - and living life at a human pace, just in the way adults do. You need at least two adults to look after the boat, so small children are best with a third adult to look after them. Bring board games rather than computer ones!

Q: Can we fish?
A: You need a National Rod Licence. Fishing is let to lots of different clubs. Some may be happy for you to fish off the boat; others might want you to buy a day ticket.

Q: Can we bring bikes or canoes?
A: Yes. they go on the roof, so please bring something to protect our paint.

Q: Can we charge up our phone or use hair straighteners?
A: Yes, there's a normal 3-pin socket for up to 1000 watts.

Q: Can we park the car?
A: Yes, we have good parking at both bases - and it's free.

Q: Will we be insured?
A: Yes, the boat is covered, and so is your liability to third parties. Our policy cannot cover personal accident, possessions or cancellation, so we advise you to take out holiday insurance. 

How much is it?

  • We have a selection of boats for any party size, and the price varies according to the accommodation, length of holiday and time of year.
  • For example: you could have a week in June on a 6 berth boat for around £30 a head a night.
  • The easiest way to check out prices is by using the availability search.
  • If you click the picture of any boat which the search brings up, you'll see full details of what's included.
  • All our prices include fuel (worth up to £85 a week), damage waiver, bedding, instruction and comprehensive service.
  • On some boats extra adults pay £25 per week or part week.
  • Second and subsequent pets pay £25 per week or part week.